If you listen closely, you can hear the hounds bawling in the distance...













Sky Mountain Outfitters

P.O. Box 168

12187 US Hwy 26

Riverton, WY† 82501

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We also offer Deer and Antelope hunts in Wyoming. We have access to some great hunt areas offering a chance to harvest the deer or antelope of your dreams.


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The ultimate hunt begins† under the amazing western skies of Wyoming and New Mexico. A place where the frozen ground and snowy mountains become backdrop to one of the most prestigious hunts you'll ever experience.

Come hunt among wintering wildlife and breathe the† invigorating, crisp mountain air. Be inspired by the drive of our talented hounds as they pick up scent and track your prized trophy cat through the wide-open high country. Cherish the experience of a western† sunset,† incredible hospitality, and the chance to harvest one the world's most elusive and dynamic creatures.

Itís an experience many people only dream of, in a† legendary place you'll never forget.