Mountain Lion Experience!



Thanks for your interest in Sky Mountain Outfitters. Our lion hunts are heart pumping excitement and something you’ll never forget!

As for the hunt itself, we offer hunts in Wyoming or New Mexico. Lion hunting has been in my family since 1957 and I have decided to continue the tradition by offering hunters a chance to hunt one of the most illusive animals out there. I am an experienced outfitter and guide working in the hunting industry for over 28 years.

Sky Mountain Outfitters hounds ONLY hunt mountain lion and bobcat. Our dogs are in top condition and are eager to track a cat for you. We keep our dogs in shape year round.

We hunt the National Forest from Northeast of Cuba, NM to the Colorado Border. There are large cat populations in this area and you are almost certain to encounter mountain lion or bobcat during your hunt. In the 2005 season, we hunted this area for 9 days and cut 14 different lion tracks!! The hunt in New Mexico is not a difficult hunt as far as terrain goes - there are many roads making it easier to cut the tracks shorter.

Our partner in New Mexico is Blue Mountain Outfitters and if you choose to hunt NM, your hunt will be booked with Blue Mountain Outfitters – Owner/Outfitter Bob Atwood.

Hunts in Wyoming are in the Big Horn National Forest which is located in North Central Wyoming. We also have access to some private ranches in Northern Wyoming. The weather is colder, the terrain is a little rougher and doesn’t offer as many roads as in NM. The hunts here are more physically demanding but if you’re up for the challenge, you are in for an awesome hunt. Wyoming offers miles and miles of beautiful scenery and your chances of competing with other hunters for a trophy tom are minimal.

We hunt out of 4x4 pickups and are in radio contact at all times until one of us cuts a fresh track. Then the vehicle with the hunter(s) is contacted immediately and heads towards the location of the track. No dogs are turned out on a track until the hunter/outfitter has a chance to judge the track for trophy size.

Included in the price of a hunt is all lodging and food (provided by the outfitter) and capping. Lodging during our hunts is in a motel which offers the hunter a good nights rest and a hot shower.

Non-resident New Mexico lion tag = $300 (subject to change). Non-resident Wyoming lion tag = $301 (subject to change).  Tags are purchased over the counter.

You are welcome to hunt using a rifle, bow or handgun.

We hope you will take advantage of this great offer and join us for an unforgettable hunt. Give us a call when you’re ready to book your hunt or if you have any questions.